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Hunters Story

I remember like it was yesterday. March 6th became a date that I celebrated bringing my first baby boy into this world, and then in 2011 on his 5th Birthday it became the date that I wouldn't know if my baby boy would ever walk again. We had a lot of family down for his birthday. I went into the bedroom to wake him up for Church that morning. He was an excited 5 year old child. It was his Birthday! Nothing but happiness that day. That's what we thought anyways. I told Hunter to get up and get in the bath tub. He replied, I can't get up. I thought he was playing so I called his father in the room to get him. A few moments later he came in white as a ghost and told me our son could not get up. At our local hospital he was already paralyzed from the chest down. We couldn't fly to a bigger hospital because the weather was bad that day. The doctors made the decision to send Hunter by ambulance to Memorial University in Savannah Ga. It was then that we found out he had Transverse Myelitis. We had to get the MRI but the doctors were very certain. The first four hours was what the doctors called the life or death time frame. Never would I have thought that this would have occurred to my son. On his birthday! They started high dose steroids. By the end of that night Hunter was paralyzed from c3 down. On the second night his left lung collapsed. The respiratory therapist thought it would be a good idea to prepare for a ventilator. Thankfully he was able to go on a V-pap machine and oxygen. There was no real recovery the first 16 days. Then we found out the Plasmapheresis that he needed required a central line and no doctor would put him to sleep because of him being critical. Finally we were told it was time to go to Atlanta, to Scottish Rite where the pediatric team there were waiting to get the Plasmapheresis started.
When we got to Scottish Rite. We were sent to ICU where Hunter would be staying. When we started walking to his new room he easily went from the most critical child in Savannah's ICU to the most Stable child in Atlanta's ICU.  Hunter started the Plasmapheresis and then started therapy. He started to be able to move a little.  We went through a lot in Rehab. (Emotions were everywhere) Hunter finally had some trunk control and could leave the hospital and come home. On April 26th Hunter came home. After we got home Hunter started therapy with an amazing group in Kingsland. Hunter built a relationship with his therapist and they worked hard to get him walking again. Hunter started walking with the help of braces and walker. He started school in his walker and walked all day.  As he got older he made the decision he wanted to be in his wheelchair so he can play with the other kids and try to be as normal as possible. He's in 5th grade now and the kids in his grade does not see a wheelchair. They see their friend Hunter, or Wheels. Hunter is in the Tech Fair making 3D models of homes. He's making a home that is completely wheelchair accessible. Hunter wants to be an Engineer because he wants to help others live a life as normal as possible after a traumatic injury.  Hunter always has a smile on his face and he is always finding ways to make anything possible. On March 6th 2006, our first baby boy was born, and on March 6th 2011, Transverse Myelitis tried to take him from us, but in the end we will continue to celebrate that day for not what was taken but what was gained.


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