Mike L Jezdimir Transverse Myelitis Foundation - This foundation is to help raise money and awareness for Transverse Myelitis for Spinal cord research at U.A.B.
The Chris Peebles Story

Hi, I’m Chris Peebles and this is my Transverse Myelitis story. It started in January of 2004. I woke up weak in my left leg and was dragging it. I knew something wasn't right. I was 17 and never felt anything like it in my life. I think back to December 2003 I had the flu really bad and I didn't seem to get well or over it, I was deathly sick; back to January 2004. The first time I decided to go to the ER, I was given a drug test and sent home; needless to say I was really pissed off. I wanted answers and they thought I wanted pain pills. Then by the next day or 2 days later it was getting worse. I then went to another ER and told them how I was feeling. At first they thought I had a stroke. They did an MRI and the result was Transverse Myelitis. I was admitted to the hospital at 17 years old, only a week or so before my 18th birthday so I was in the children’s unit.

Well my oxygen level decreased so much that they told my parents if it got any lower I would have to be admitted to ICU. I didn't have to go to ICU and I recovered well the first time; and pretty quickly. I stayed maybe a week in the hospital and I was OK. The second time was October 2004 and it hit me bad. I was paralyzed from chest down. All my muscles were gone and again had the dreadful catheter. I stayed a month in the hospital at UAB. They transferred me to Huntsville to do inpatient rehab for a month. I continued to rehab after that. I have recovered pretty well from TM.

I'd have to say after 10 years of having this disease and having nearly no bad side effects from TM. This past September I had started having some real bad anxiety and panic attacks. Legs feel like on fire and sometimes don't even want to get out of bed. This is a terrible disease and some are better off than others; I have no regrets and I believe this has brought me to become more appreciative of life. 

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