Mike L Jezdimir Transverse Myelitis Foundation - This foundation is to help raise money and awareness for Transverse Myelitis for Spinal cord research at U.A.B.

The Delinda Abercrombie Story

 My journey with Transverse Myelitis began while at work on Christmas Eve 2011. That was the day TM entered my life. It has also changed my life. The first days were confusing and frightening as I learned what TM was and what it could be. I was lucky to have doctors who took my needs and concerns to heart. I was also lucky to receive a quick diagnosis due to an immediate referral from Dr. Woodard at Middle Creek Medical Center to Dr. Frank Thomas.
Dr. Thomas had a diagnosis and treatment in place within a day. I know how lucky I am to have recovered about 90%. However, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my daughter who encouraged me to keep moving. I went to the gym every day.  She also challenged me to try crossfit. The coaches at Crossfit Bravery have helped me with functional mobility and strength.  I remember during one workout, as I laid in a pool of my own sweat, coach Rhett Gallego leaned over me and in a not so soft voice, he told me to "FIND A WAY !". I still have balance issues and weakness but every day I thank Dr.’s Woodard and Thomas for the quick care and treatment I received.  As I look back over the past two years I wonder why I am doing so well. First and foremost I am very lucky. Second I got a very quick diagnosis and treatment and lastly the ability to continue my pattern of intense daily exercise. I believe this MAY have helped my physical recovery and I KNOW it helped my mental recovery. Today and every day I will FINDA WAY

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