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The Erica Wilson  Story

The morning of February 23, 2010 started out as any other normal day. I awoke from my slumber and sluggishly made myself get halfway decent for yet another day of learning at school. We had a test that day, so our physical education class was moved to the end of the day. I had felt fine that day and was ready to come home from yet another ordinary day of school.At PE, I played basketball, my all-time favorite. Not to brag, but I felt like this was one of the best games I had ever played! My movements were swift as I made each basket count.  Everyone would soon forget about this game, but not me. During the excitement of the game, my right leg started to feel like it was cramping. I had never experienced a cramp in my leg before, but I figured that is what it must feel like. Still, I assumed my position and continued with the exhilarating game.Not long after the game ended, I went outside of the school waiting for my mom to pick me up and take me to my Meme’s house, to eat, share laughs, and smiles like we always did. Today was different.  My legs felt horrible, so I sat down. Luckily my mom made it soon, and I staggered to her car. The pain was excruciating.  The best way to describe it is that it felt like someone was taking their hands and squeezing my inside muscles as tight as they could. Even today, remembering the feeling makes my whole body shiver. My mom reached over in the car and massaged my right calf, the one that was hurting.  Immediately, the pain made its way to my toes and on over to my left leg as well. Not knowing what was wrong; my mom stopped by my Meme’s house and tried to get me out of the car.  She then quickly decided to take me to the local emergency department.The short ride to the hospital was the longest 15minute ride of my life. When we arrived, my mom asked me to get out of the car.  By this time I was paralyzed.  This all happened in a total of30 minutes. She went and got a wheelchair and had someone pick me up into the chair.  My legs would not move and they dragged on the ground as I was pushed into the dreary hospital. They did a CT scan and said I had a bulging disk.   They transferred me to the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama where I underwent a 4 hour MRI and spinal tap.  This couldn’t be happening to me. My life was ordinary; the same every day, for goodness sake. I had my friend’s birthday party to attend that weekend!I finally received the diagnosis of transverse myelitis the next morning.  I just wanted to have surgery or something; I wanted to get better for dance class the next night.  I had gone to dance classes for eight years, never missing a day of attendance.My disorder is incurable.  Incurable. No party, dance class or what most people classify as a normal life. I underwent some great treatment and also went through physical and occupational therapy.  Those hadn’t been my plans for that five week period. I was released and finally sent home.Just like that, I was paralyzed from a disorder that I had never heard of.  Today, I still hold my head high and work hard with therapy and staying positive, because that is all you can do.  I believe that I will get better.  I was never told that, but I am sure I will persevere.  I am the girl at school in the wheelchair; sometimes I walk with crutches.  I will show them all; I won’t let transverse myelitis beat me.

Transverse Myelitis 2013
I have made so many improvements since February 23,2010. I am still maintaining an A average in all of my Honors classes. A big change that has happened to me is joining wheelchair basketball. I am currently playing for the Lakeshore Lakers in Birmingham Alabama. Another improvement I have made is that I now walk full time at school on two canes. Life isn’t the same since before TM, but I have learned so many new things and met several amazing people through this.
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